Global SIM-Free internet

 MoonMe allows travelers to access the Internet at any point of their travels without any local SIM card or roaming charge in over 106 countries. 

6000mAh power bank

It acts as an additional battery and saves you from the trouble bringing a bulky power bank.  

Shareable Connection

MoonMe can be shared with 5 devices and Compatibility for all types of tablet, phone, laptop ,and smart devices.

Covering over 106 Countries

About Us

What is MoonMe

The MoonMe G2 is a portable wi-fi hotspot.
In short, you turn it on, top it up and it
creates a wi-fi network you can log into
from your phone or another device, just as
you would with a normal internet

MoonMe Travel solution

Sometimes, when you go abroad there are missing connections or technological incompatibilities that make an Internet connection almost impossible. MoonMe will solve these problems and let you connected to the world wherever are you.

  • No SIM cards required. 
  • Free roaming globally. 
  • Annual global unlimited network around the world 
  • Compatibility for all types of tablet, phone, laptop and software. 
  • Unbeatable Battery life with 15 hours working.
  • Completely transparent price and there are no hidden costs or charges.